Family Advent Calendar, Day 1: Illustrate-Your-Own Books, Shakespeare’s As You Like It, Act I [with some alternate options for the little ones]


“Blow, blow, thou winter wind….”

Last year’s Winter’s Tale Illustrate-Your-Own Book Project was so successful that we thought we should illustrate books during Advent once again, this time, with Shakespeare’s As You Like It.

Illustrate-Your-Own Books? How does it work?
Each Sunday in Advent, we will read one or two acts from Shakespeare’s As You Like It out loud as a family, taking turns with the parts. Then, we will each grab a blank notebook (dollar store blank books work fine!) and our fave pencils, crayons or markers, and we will create a few illustrations of our favourite scenes, story elements, quotes or characters.  At the end of the day, I will post a few pics of our finished work for all to see.  [If your kids are too small to really read and pronounce the Shakespeare well, have the parents play all of the roles (this is actually a LOAD of fun!) or listen to an audio version of the play.]  This particular play has some fabulous songs and famous speeches (“All the World’s a Stage…”), and so we’ll be encouraging the kids to do some detailed work related to those special pieces in weeks to come.

Not into Shakespeare?
Choose your own poem, play or novel!

Kids too small for Shakespeare or for reading much at all?   Try one of these ideas…
Read part of “The Night Before Christmas” and draw “Ma in her Kerchief,” “Pa in his cap” or one of the other fine images from that poem.
Sing a carol such as “I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day” or “Silent Night” and draw what comes to mind.
Copy a favourite picture from a favourite illustrated holiday book, such as Jan Brett’s The Mitten.
[More substitutions to come in the following weeks!]

UPDATE! FABULOUS NEWS! [and Helen Mirren!]
The BBC has made their fabulous “Complete Shakespeare” production of As You Like It available on YouTube!
So,you could also watch and read along!!!

Illustrate As You LIke It Act One


Portrait of Rosalind, Rosalind encouraging Orlando at the Wrestling Match
Bea's Rosalind 2 BeaIii2

Old Adam, Wrestling Match, & “Oliver’s Castle”
T's Adam 2 T Herc2 T Oliver Castle2

Celia’s thoughts on wrestling, Old Adam
Me122 Me23

Rosalind and Orlando “overthrown” and Rosalind imagining her forest costume.
B 1 2 B22

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