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Cleaning Out The Lunchbox: Chewy M&M and Oreo Brownies

It’s the Last Week of School! There’s no better way to get the kids to “clean out” their Lunchboxes than to make an absolutely amazing Lunchbox Treat that will have them searching for the very last crumb…. Chewy M&M and Oreo Brownies Here’s a riff on our Cook’s Illustrated Inspired “Block Party Brownies” from the beginning […]

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Observing The Transit of Venus: Easy “Backs to the Sun” Pin-Hole Viewers & Blood Orange Dark Chocolate Chip Cookies

Observing The Transit of Venus This evening, Venus will appear to cross in front of the Sun. The first half of this event, known as the Transit of Venus, occurred in 2004. Tonight’s event is the twin or second part of the Transit which follows eight years after the first. A pair of crossings such as this occurs only about once each century!  The next […]

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