Chic & Simple Narhwal Valentines [Free Printable]

After last year’s amazing Tea Valentines, Bea decided that she wanted to have a very simple Valentine card to give to friends. So, I decided I would go out of my comfort zone by trying to sketch one of her favourite animals, a narwhal. “Wait, a minute? What? You don’t draw?” ARGH!!! No!! I make […]

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Year of the Monkey Graffiti Resolutions [Free Printables]

Each year, we leave off our resolution making until Chinese New Year.  And, each year, we present our resolutions “graffiti style” by filling in an image of the new year’s spirit animal.   On February 8, 2016, we begin the Year of the Monkey. So, we’ve got a little Year of the Monkey Graffiti Resolutions Free […]

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Feel Good! High Iron Granola Bars [Gluten Free]

Since I need to incorporate more iron into my daily fare, I decided to revisit one of our most popular recipes, Chewy Granola Bars, and try to amp up the iron content while dialing down the refined sugar. The first step was to swap the traditional corn syrup with a mix of blackstrap molasses, which is […]

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Risk Failure in a Visible Way

As you probably know, I’m not usually one to make resolutions. Last year, I chose a word to live by, “Nourish,” and I felt that was a valuable effort. More on that in a later post, maybe. But I’ve been inspired to resolve something this year: Risk Failure in a Visible Way. The other day, I felt […]

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A New Year’s Thin Man Movie Marathon

You saw what a marathon our Christmas Season was!! Let’s get on with the New Year’s celebrations!  Let’s knock this one out of the park! For the past four years, we’ve been ringing in the New Year with a movie marathon: Sherlock Holmes, Lord Peter Wimsey, Dr. Who, and Alfred Hitchcock. This year, to top off an amazing […]

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Merry Christmas!

Dear Readers, We Wish You A Very Merry Christmas! Thanks for following along with us on our Fifth Annual Family Advent Calendar! Here was our original Advent 2015 Love To Do List: And here are all of the links to our “accomplishments!” Family Advent Calendar 2015: Family Tree Trimming Party Family Advent Calendar: Make Italian Lemon […]

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Christmas Eve Checklist

It’s Christmas Eve! Oh my word!! You know what that means…. The Lunchbox Season’s Christmas Eve Checklist □ Bake more cookies for Santa!  □ Feast on the bowtie pasta and simple sauce we made together! □ Make clove oranges! □ Drink hot chocolate and sing carols by the fire! □ Listen to Jon Solomon’s 27th Annual 25-Hour Christmas Radio […]

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Pizza, Popcorn, Pajamas, and an Ernst Lubitsch Triple Feature

Claudette Colbert teaches us a valuable lesson in The Smiling Lieutenant, here…   When hosting a party, it’s important that you make sure you’re well dressed for the occasion. Tonight, we’ll be having a little pajama party in the living room, popping up some popcorn, and dishing up some of our favourite homemade pizzas.   Now, will […]

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Give to the Daily Bread Food Bank

Today, we’ll be donating non-perishable items to the Daily Bread Food Bank box at a local grocery store or fire station [for instance, Fire Station 227, 1904 Queen East] and making a contribution online to Toronto’s Daily Bread Food Bank.  The Daily Bread Food Bank is a registered charity that is fighting hunger in our communities. Every […]

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Red and Green Supper : Make Bowtie Pasta

This year, I wanted to start a new holiday tradition, a special holiday supper prepared by the whole family and served family style. Today, we’re pulling out all the stops with a red and green meal. We’ll be making homemade Bowtie Pasta three ways : simple, basil lemon garlic [my fave], and spicy sundried tomato. Farfalle for […]

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Posterize the Twelve Days of Christmas

Four calling birds? Today, I am going to ask the kids to get out some paper and their preferred art supplies and Posterize the Twelve Days of Christmas.  That’s right, I am going to ask them to posterize the heck out of that song! I’ll tell them to go all out on this one and […]

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Dinner and Star Wars

Catch the ornament! Catch the ornament! Catch the ornament! Tonight is the night we’ve all been waiting for! We’ve got reserved seats for the new Star Wars movie. We’ll have dinner out and then hit the theatre this evening! And, thank goodness, we won’t have to wait in line!  Shouldn’t everyone be doing the same […]

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Visit the Toronto Christmas Market

Shake a leg, peppermint stick! It’s time to get outside and be festive!   This evening, Bea and I are going to take a little wander around the Toronto Christmas Market. The Toronto Christmas Market is month long festival held on the cobblestone pathways of Toronto’s historic Distillery District. It promises to be filled with food, entertainment and festive […]

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Random Act of Kindness Day

Aww!! Jon Snow and a Dire Wolf pup! Did that make you happy? Have I already done my job? Today is our Random Act of Kindness Day. Each person in the family is tasked with doing something kind, and, if possible, in secret, for someone they don’t know, or, at least, someone they don’t know […]

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Teacher Gifts : Make Dorie Greenspan’s World Peace Cookies

Today, we will be putting together some gifts for the teachers. We thought we’d package up some gift cards, bottles of wine, tins of tea, or bags of coffee beans with something homemade. Of course, we know what everyone really wants…. Well, first, there’s your Christmas list…and then…and then…   Luckily, there is no more perfect cookie on […]

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