Summer of Funner 2014 is Coming!

Hey folks! It’s been a while! I had a stumble and fall and broke two metacarpals in my dominant hand…Now, post-surgery, and in the early stages of recovery, I’m in the throes of planning our greatest Summer of Funner yet! Join us after the extra-long Canada Day weekend at our sister site: Summer of Funner!! […]

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the one that papa did

The Kids Take on Surrealist Collage

On Saturday evening, we had the pleasure of attending a one-night-only pop-up show of the collages of artist, poet, and family friend, Ludwig Zeller.  We travelled over to Bathurst and Dupont to take part in the launch of The Year of the Quiet Sun, a project of Someone Editions, a small letterpress operation in Toronto.  We […]

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cinco de mayo papel picado garland diy from the lunchbox season

Cinco de Mayo: Papel Picado Garland

We’ve always been amazed by the paper-cutting talents of our collage-artist friends. And, we’ve had our own successes making window silhouettes for Halloween. So, to celebrate Cinco de Mayo, we thought we’d try our hands at making Papel Picado (perforated paper) and stringing a garland across the dining room entranceway.  You most often see Papel […]

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Soft Sparkly Ginger Cookies

Weekly Treat: Soft Sparkly Ginger Cookies

It’s been a long time since we’ve posted a weekly treat for the lunchboxes! So, here goes….a softer-than-ever ginger cookie whose sugar coating twinkles in the emerging light of spring! Soft Sparkly Ginger Cookies makes 60 Ingredients 4 c all-purpose flour 3 tsp baking soda 1 tbs ground cinnamon 2-3 tsp ground ginger 1 tsp […]

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The 10 Best Ways to Entertain Flat Stanley [in Style]

We recently entertained a Flat Stanley from Illinois at our home here in Toronto. We had a great time, and we’re hoping that his buddy Martin and the rest of his class will be happy with the results! Here are our 10 Best Ways to Entertain Flat Stanley in Style 1. Take extraORDINARY Pictures In the […]

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What We Ate: The Build-Your-Own Buddha Bowl Bar

Last night, that adults test-drove a dinner menu that has the potential to become a new week-night classic: the Build-Your-Own Buddha Bowl Bar. We cooked up some quinoa, lentils, broccoli, sweet potatoes and kale, and we served each element in a separate dish. Then, we built our own big fat “Buddha Bowls” to taste. Here’s what […]

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This is a mini photo book 2

Make This Mini Photo Book!

That’s Right!  And you can make one, too! Over the holidays, I decided that I wanted to have a little photo book of the kids and their artwork to carry around and to adore. So, not long after Christmas, I made this 1.83 x 2.83-in Mini Photo Book, pulling portraits of the kids from our […]

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A baklava snake even the kids could make! easy awesome baklava recipe

March breACK! 2014: A Baklava Snake Even the Kids Could Make

Instead of having the kids cook their own Mediterranean lunch today, I decided to make them a Mediterranean treat: Baklava… And, since there are so many “snakes” in the story we’ve been reading and illustrating all week, I thought I’d make their baklava in a snake shape! Here’s the recipe I came up with.  It’s […]

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T's last illustration

March breACK! 2014: Illustrate-Your-Own-Books, Bearicles, Act Five

Today, the kids illustrate the fifth and final instalment of our March breACK! 2014 masterpiece, our transformation of Shakespeare’s Pericles. Today, the kids will not only illustrate scenes from our Play of Bearicles, they will also design a book cover or a poster advertising the production of our play. Summary, The Play of Bearicles, Prince […]

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Make a Blue-Print of a Pirate Ship! Pirate Party Idea

March breACK! 2014: Make a Blue-Print of a Pirate Ship!

Today, in our Play of Bearicles, the kids read about a Pirate Ship along the coast of Tarsus [Turkey].  After their reading, Papa had the kids sit down with some coloured pencils, pens, markers and rulers, and a couple of blank white sheets of paper.  Why? Well, we thought it was time for the kids […]

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